Georgios Chatzopoulos //
Senior Manager Quality Management,

"I got to know Christopher Stehr during the development of the first CSR report during the Heilbronn Declaration project. We then cooperated officially on the second and currently the third CSR report for INTERSPORT Germany. I have always found the cooperation very pleasant and trustworthy. The same was confirmed to me by all other experts who were interviewed for the reports. Polymundo tries to understand the processes of the supported company in order to be able to provide the best possible advice afterwards. We were also always able to obtain opinions and assistance from Polymundo in the event of subsequent questions from external interested parties regarding our CSR reports. Polymundo also offers further assistance and advice, as well as workshops for follow-up appointments. Knowledge about CSR in general is worth its weight in gold at Polymundo - and not only in the scientific sense. As a customer, I can expect to deal with highly professional, realistic, but also very human and emotional contact persons. However, it must also be clear to every customer that the topic of CSR should be lived in their own company or at least be in the process of being built up. Polymundo notices relatively quickly in the first discussions whether the topic is taken seriously or not. Every appointment and every conversation was special because you grow personally as well".

Adrian Hochstrasser //
Founder and GM,
Hochstrasser Architekten

"Polymundo has been accompanying us as a medium-sized architecture office with 25 employees in our comprehensive change processes. We proceeded with Polymundo many individual steps in different constellations. The time, intensity, professionalism and wholeness of the support by Polymundo let us grow and be more focused as team and as individuals in very appropriate way. Our encounters are filled with joy and and are always inspiring. In an intensive process we were able to clarify and learn to live our values, we were able to strengthen the community as a whole and learn to use our talents in the right way. We can lead and be led in a better way. Our work hierarchy has finally become more accurate, appropriate and respectful for us. We have been given a goal for the coming years and comprehensive tools to achieve it. The atmosphere in the office is sustainably good, the exchange open and authentic. We enjoy working with you!

Dr. Wenjing Chen //
Founder & CEO,

„ …I sincerely appreciate Mr. Goth’s help. He was patient, professional and friendly. By stepping into different roles of coach and consultant, he not only encouraged me to discover my own capabilities and values but also shared his insights. Thanks to Mr. Goth, I can see my future direction more clearly…“