Why we exist - our mission

"We support leaders, managers and employees in developing their full potential in times of change through holistic feeling, thinking and action."

Everybody has needs, beliefs and experiences that influence the own attitude. That everyone can exploit the own full potential, it is important to recognize and understand person as individuals.


We support you so that you can actively shape your change. We believe that exponential entrepreneurial growth is only possible through human growth. We therefore assign our methods to the three concepts behind exponential growth: global, digital and emotional.

In addition to unchanging conditions such as advancing globalization and digitalization, people and their emotions belong in a successful triad for their exponential growth.

In this context, we ask you the following questions:

– How does your employee feel about innovations and changes?
– How do you take them with you on a journey into the future?
– What competencies does a manager need in a modern environment?
– How can you prepare a company / a department for an ever faster spinning world?
– How up-to-date is the leadership-skills of you managers?
– How can decision making be improved in a complex world?
– How can a company achieve top performance with joy?


Everything we do serves to enable you to make us obsolete in your organization in the long run. To ensure sustainable success for you, we use the Circle of Empowerment method. This consists of the five “B’s”: “Begegnung, Beratung, Begleitung, Befähigung und Beteiligung.”

Begegnung (Encounter)
We are allowed to meet many enriching people in our lives. If both we and our counterparts are of the opinion that the values match, we like to take further steps in a value-creating and sustainable cooperation.
From time to time we also bring people and companies together to create emotional and economic synergy effects.

Beratung (Consulting)
Some people want a consultation after an inspiring encounter in order to get new perspectives for current challenges. Here we differ from other consulting companies, because we are sure that the best individual result of a cooperation, results from a common expertise – in particular the appreciation of the history and the current situation – our experiences and goal-oriented questions.

Begleitung (Accompaniment)
The consultations very often result in the desire for longer support in order to make the current situation even better and more sustainable or to tackle the challenges in concrete terms. Such an accompaniment can consist of different forms and rhythms. These range from individual coaching with decision-makers to team processes with management teams to a group process with mixed hierarchical levels.

Befähgigung (Empowerment)
The central point of our actions is the empowerment of you and your employees. Our skills and knowledge should be anchored in your organisation so that you and your employees can access and apply them at any time. This is the only way we can jointly ensure your sustainable development.

Beteiligung (Participation)
After a successful qualification, close ties often arise, which we look forward to again and again. In individual cases, situations may arise in which we are offered a genuine stake in a company. For us, this is the highest distinction for value-based and value-creating cooperation.


Our actions are about evolution, not revolution, i.e. the collective development of the company, its managers and its employees. This does not mean that there should be no radical innovations and changes. These changes should be approached together and with a view to the needs of the people concerned. In order to take these steps, we have developed our own scientifically based method, which we call the “heart-pace-maker”.

The “heart-pace-maker” is an own method, which was developed especially for coachings and team workshops.
With this method the current emotional and cognitive process of the participants can be determined at any time.
Would you like to learn more about the “heart-pace-maker”?
The book with detailed explanations will be published towards the end of 2019.


Every action and method is worthless if there is no sustainability. Only an individual involvement of the responsible and affected persons leads to a long-term success. Therefore we always pay attention to a transparent and sustainable development of you, your employees and your company.